Monday, September 19, 2016


I have a soft spot for the 90s SUPERBOY, mainly for the costume. I like the colors with the 'S' emblem and the black leather jacket. I could do without the straps and most definitely without the fucking haircut. *(although he looks fine in the top pic by Stariver)

I always wanted him to be cooler than he was... more Jason Patric in 'Lost Boys' and less Corey Feldman in 'License to Drive'

There hasn't been any good 90s Superboy figures, IMO, and I grow impatient.

^ ugh, that hair... those glasses.

I was thinking what if you took the 'DC Classics' Superboy figure (above) and replaced the head? But what other character would have a head that would work? You're limited those characters and figures that aren't wearing a mask, and have black hair. So I've currently landed on the 'Return of Superman' figure with long hair.

sigh, oh man... I don't know.... 

what do you think?


Ryan Carl said...

There was at least one good 90s Superbly action figure in the Man of Steel figure line.

Ryan Carl said...

I obviously meant Superboy. I doubt there were any decent Superbly figures back in the day.

Phil Freeman said...

Is there a maskless Dick Grayson? Or Terry McGuiness?

Timewaster said...

Gonna have to go with this figure: