Thursday, September 22, 2016


1) I'm going to need to buy 3 sets of the carded figures; 1 for my daughter, 1 for me (to open) and 1 for me (to keep in package)

2) They better make every single Skeksis, otherwise what's the fucking point?

3) They better make a Garthim.

4) How come Kira doesn't have wings? It doesn't look like they're tucked in behind her cloak...

5) I already bought the Landstrider a couple months back (TRU exclusive)

6) I've been waiting for these figures for 34 years.

7) 'The Dark Crystal' is one of my favorite movies, and is on my Personal Top 10 list.

Update: They're making a Garthim and Winged Kira 2-pack!!

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