Monday, September 12, 2016


Two weekends ago, Mrs Smash informed me we were going out for a surprise "date night". We get into the car and she drives us into Hollywood to the Ford Theater (outdoor, intimate stage venue). I still have no idea what we're doing as we park and walk into the place. The crowd is relatively diverse, with most in their 50s or 60s. I'm completely baffled. 

Then I notice a young lady in a red dress... with black go-go boots... wait a second, that's a classic Star Trek uniform! Whuh? I then notice another... and another... holy crap, several people are in Star Trek costumes!

We attended a fantastic presentation of Mozart's opera "Abduction From the Seraglio", set to 'Star Trek'. It was amazing! Even the orchestra was in costume; red shirts and the conductor in yellow! The orchestra and cast were incredible! 

Best wife in the galaxy!

^ Gorn Fight!

^ Kirk is undercover as a mechanic
(doing a Scotty impersonation), 
hence the red shirt.

...and this magnificent man was seated near me in the audience:

Highlight reel from the El Portal Theatre - Hollywood, CA - 2015:

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