Monday, July 25, 2016


I attended SDCC last Thursday. It was primarily a shopping trip for me, so I pretty much just hung out on that quarter area of Comic and Toy Vendors. This is my haul:


Newt herself was at the con and approves!

^ DC Superhero Girls KATANA doll
(for my daughter who LOVES her)

^ Frankie Stein Ghostbuster doll
(for my daugher who loves 'Monster High' and is getting into Ghostbusters. 
This might be a Christmas gift, so shhhhhh....!)

^ 2 Plush Sloths (pink and white) for my daughters

^ Comics Code patch for co-worker

....aaaand a bunch of COMICS for ME!
(most were 50% off):

^ early appearances of Thanos!

^ filling holes in Hulk collection!

^ various comics (UXM is a double) 

^ gah, still need Mighty Thor #387 for the 3-parter!

^ filling holes in my Silver and Bronze Age Thor Collection!

^ been grabbing oversized HCs of Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers run. Now I just need 'Avengers' HC 1 and 'Secret Wars' HCs

And that's it for this year!

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