Tuesday, July 05, 2016



Baines said...

To be fair, it kind of fits Gwenpool's character, being a regular girl who has found herself transported into what for her had been a fictional universe. If the "Marvel universe" has real, living versions of comic book characters, then why not also real versions of guns from movies?

(It would also fit Deadpool's character for his fourth-wall breaking nature, but would really need an alien-related quip or other reference to sell it as more than just lazy copying.)

Jim said...

Oh, in no way am I calling them out.... merely spotlighting the Pulse Rifle :)

This is by Deodato Jr, who has put Pulse Rifles in a few of his covers. Check out the "Pulse Rifle Sightings" tag to see all those posts.

I have ZERO clue who Gwenpool is.

Baines said...

Gwenpool is (yet another) Gwen Stacy. I think she first showed up in Howard the Duck, then got a Christmas special, and now has her own series.

Her gimmick is kind of a variation of Deadpool's fourth wall breaking, except hers has an in-universe explanation. Basically, she is a regular teenage girl from a universe (ours?) where the Marvel universe is just comic books and movies. She treats the Marvel universe as a comic book, and it mostly works for her.

One of her first realizations was that being a minor character in a comic book isn't particularly good for life expectancy or success, so she decided to make herself into a major character. Since she still treated the MU as a fictional universe, and she had no super powers, she went with lots of guns. She thinks she is acting the part of a hero because, well, it isn't like there aren't heroes that run around acting that way. She has no actual training, but it all works out for her through dumb luck. (Which honestly fits with how the MU is sometimes portrayed these days, when you have multiple writers who have acknowledged (or at least bordered on acknowledging) within story that the MU is governed and shaped by the rules of stories.)

She has the extra benefit that since she was a big comic book fan, she knows the histories and secrets of many Marvel characters, at least what was known before she jumped universes. (For example, she dodges a fight with Thor by calling her Jane.)

Her book isn't that bad. She's currently working for MODOK due to being forced to realize, when MODOK killed her new sidekick and was about to kill her, that she might not actually be a major character and thus might not be as protected as she thought she was.

Jim said...

Thank you?