Wednesday, July 06, 2016


I recently binge read ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA: HYDRA ASCENDANT by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen.

Anything by immonen these days is fantastic, and this run (#1-6) is no exception. I wasn't sure about Sam Wilson taking over the mantle of Cap, especially since it feels like Bucky just did the same thing not too long ago. But casting that aside, this was a great ride! Its full of action and geek-filled, adventurous moments!

Regardless of your opinion of Falcon Cap, I recommend this book!

Sadly, after issue 6 Marvel went through 'Secret Wars III' and relaunched the book with a different creative team. Daniel Acuna's art is sweet (but not as sugar sweet as Immonen) but sadly Nick Spencer's writing isn't nearly as fun or interesting, IMO, and I dropped the book (based on reading 'Captain America: Sam Wilson' #1-8). However, solicits for issue 13 has USAGENT so I'll definitely pick up that issue!

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