Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Awesome!!! I really enjoyed OINK back when it was first released. This new project is a COMPLETE OVERHAUL on the artwork and it looks fantastic! I'm going to order the HC right now and hope others do, too, to fund this endeavor!

Examples of the Remastered Artwork:

ABOUT 'OINK', from the creator:

OINK: Heaven's Butcher is the story of OINK, a member of a genetically engineered class of slaves. He is imprisoned in a city called Heaven, that is run by religious zealots that are hell-bent on maintaining control over his kind, while also hiding a dark truth about the nature of their creation. After witnessing the brutal execution of his mentor, OINK escapes and begins an epic journey of self-discovery in a world of science and religion gone mad.

Just beneath the narrative is my own life story. I am the lucky pig who fell off the truck, ran for the fences and escaped the slaughterhouse of modern life, and it all very nearly didn't happen. The allegory in OINK: Heaven's Butcher is my testimonial and indictment of the public education system, which by design marginalizes the many while elevating the few.
People often equate OINK to Orwell's Animal Farm, and it's a very adequate comparison that I'm happy to accept. Orwell gave me a tremendous gift when I was 13 and really struggling. His books Animal Farm and 1984 taught me to question authority, and when I did that I saw the world in a new way. I realized I was a small cog in a giant machine, a terrible and awful machine.
I have the optimistic view that we all have gifts, and that the 12 years we are given toward education should be spent nurturing young minds to help identify and develop those gifts, so that young people can enter the world equipped and enthusiastic about how they will contribute to it. OINK is a hero for the ignorant masses...and I am one.

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