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This week we're excited to share something very special with you- a never-before-seen and in-depth look at the never-built ALIENS 3D attraction! 

ALIENS 3D wasn't just conceptualized for South Korea's Everland theme park, but was approved, fully-designed, and ready for construction when the Asian Financial Crisis struck in 1997 / 1998. Our tour begins today with the attraction's industrial exterior.

Proceeding inside the massive structure, guests are greeted by uniformed 'colonial marines' and are immediately thrust into a dark, atmospheric hallway aboard the Titan troop transport ship.

The droning hum of giant engines and periodic mission announcements can be heard echoing overhead as guests receive their infra-red enhancement visors, and proceed further down the hallway.

As guests follow the other soldiers into the Command Center, the room is alive with energy. Video monitors hang overhead and giant banks of computers sit on a nearby platform.

Atop the Command Center's main platform, a uniformed colonial marine commander addresses the troops, giving us detailed information about our mission via the large video project screen behind him."

A peek inside the MISSION BRIEFING CHAMBER- the show's main theater:

Designed in 1997, this attraction would have been Gary Goddard and James Cameron's immediate follow-up to Universal Orlando Resort's hugely popular T2:3D, applying the successful techniques learned there, and taking them to the next level through increased presence of live actors and in-theater effects (including the massive "auto-targeting guns" mounted behind the audience).

Here's just a sampling of Greg Pro's incredible storyboards for the film sequence:

These illustrations depict the thrilling finale of ALIENS 3D, which if not for the Asian Financial Crisis, would have opened at South Korea's EVERLAND theme park on October 21, 1999:

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