Monday, July 13, 2015


Any reader out there a member of the GIJOE COLLECTOR CLUB? 

I reallyyyy neeeeed this figure of Cobra Commander's son, Billy! I've been waiting for this figure to be made since the mid-80s!

Bonus pic:
Custom figure of Cobra Youth Billy!

by snakeeyes0217 who posts:

I love the original Marvel Comics and I still remember the day I picked up issue #33. The cover alone gave me chills, someone was pointing a gun at point blank range at Cobra Commander...and Storm Shadow was right behind him. I remember a million thoughts racing through my childhood brain, "Who would dare try to assassinate Cobra Commander?" "Is Storm Shadow going to just slice this assassin in half?" "Is Storm Shadow going to end up dying to save Cobra Commander?"

But an even bigger shocker was revealed inside, Cobra Commander had a son...and Destro showed a side he rarely did in those early comics, his honorable side saying that he wouldn't permit "patricide."

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