Tuesday, May 05, 2015


I've never liked the FUNKO POP figures. In fact, I found them (and their supporters) quite annoying. Apologies if you're a Funko Pop Supporter.

But then along came the Walgreens Exclusive SPIDER-MAN 2099 and it sang a sweet, sweet song to me. The hunt was afoot....! 

....And I finally found one!  Yay! 

I guess that's how it is... they're annoying until you find "the one" that speaks to you. Sigh, now I'm starting to eye a few other Funko Pop figures.... Fuck fuck fuck! 

Well played, Funko. Well played.

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Sheila D. said...

I had the EXACT same thoughts when I saw the Kaa (Jungle Book) one!!! There are too many Disney ones that I want now!

I haven't caved BUT, now that Jimmy has one...I think I have a valid argument! ;)