Wednesday, April 29, 2015




IsuzuGeek said...

OMG I am so scared for this...this just looks too OTT for me to even possibly like it, as the huge Mad Max fan that I am.

Jim said...

Road Warrior is amazing, so I'll always have that. Mad Max is meh, for me (although it has cool stuff in it). And Thunderdome was... I'm not sure what it was. So this is another outing, with limited emotional attachment (for ME). I've always seen the franchise as serial pulp, so this is merely another tale being told in the pages of 'Heavy Metal'. And this one looks crazy. But that's me and I understand if diehard fans feel diferrently about it. Like me with Prometheus. :)

IsuzuGeek said...

You and I commiserate on a lot of things, especially all things Alien. Prometheus was just deplorable. It crushed any and all hope I had for the franchise. IMO, Mad Max was a breakthrough film and is historically important for the genres (apocalypse films and car action films). The first Mad Max also had that gritty, low budget rawness that I REALLY love in film. Just like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If it was all glitzy and high tech, it would not have been NEARLY as disturbing as it STILL is today. Mad Max 2 perfected this grittyness while still holding true to it's original themes and characters, one of which is the wasteland itself. And I agree that MM2 is the best of the first three, hands down. And yes, Thunderdome was quite a bit more Hollywood, but it still held true to the characters and the setting. I've always liked it and I consider the original MM films to be a trilogy. Just like how Return of the Jedi was really pushing it (for me) with the kiddie themes (Ewoks), it still held up as part of the original Trilogy. So for me, Fury Road unfortunately looks like another Prometheus, or Episode 1, if you will...just a giant, over the top, CG nightmare. I know it is a pipe dream, but I wish movies could go back to their roots. REAL stunts, REAL explosions, REAL action. Leave the CG to Pixar. Of course, this is just my opinion.

Jim said...

I agree with everything you just said.

I'd almost rather of had this movie simply be "Fury Road', no Max but set in the same world.

IsuzuGeek said...

EXACTLY. Or maybe just refer to Mad Max as a legend from the past that the main character is trying to find or something. I don't know, but there are a lot of options. My original idea was that the "Feral Kid" was all grown up and he was on the search for the man who helped him and his people escape in MM2. Something like that would have been really cool...but as I understand it, this film is going to take place in between MM1 and MM2 I guess, or something like that.

I think the problem with large production films like this is that creators are pressured into writing popular characters (and stars) back into stories as they think this is what will "sell" the film. Ellen Ripley is a perfect example. Not that I don't love her original character, but bringing her back as a clone was just a cheap Hollywood move to keep her character in the franchise. Stupid! Xenomorphs are the ONLY important characters! This is why I think Predator 2 worked, despite being a low budget film. It kept true to the story and the only character that mattered: The Predator! For that, I consider P2 a great sequel!

It's like bringing geriatric Arnie back as the Terminator, when there were CLEARLY other Terminator faces in the first movie that WERE NOT Arnie. It's totally unnecessary and stupid and it ruins the validity of the story on so many levels for me. This is why good movies are sooooo few and far between. There's always some force involved that doesn't care about actual good writing and film making. They only care about what they "think" will sell the movie. This is why Hollywood sucks. We could on and on.... :)