Monday, April 20, 2015


We hit a flea market yesterday and here are some some things we saw:

'Flash Gordon' animated tv show poster

Reagan mask
"Rock n' Roll!"

Robot Cosmic Raider Force?


Space Ace!

6 Million Dollar Man

Popeye Magnetic Fishing Game

Eliot Ness board game



Mr. T air fresheners!

This mag with a cool cover

Death Race 2000 poster

Framed Star Trek images by a super fan

Priest shirt
(I saw this tour)

small FF & Aquaman books from the 60s

Indy Slot Topper

Trek Tactical Combat Simulator
(cool cover)

Klingon head

Whoopi figure

TIE Interceptor $25
(I wanted to buy this)

Romulan Bird of Prey
(I wanted to buy this)

And here's what I bought:

Wolverine #10 and Crystar #1
(a buck each! score on the Wolverine)

ROTJ Ewok glass for my kid

That Aquaman book mentioned above

ALIEN3 promo pin

Mrs Smash bought this ceramic Zeppelin with salt/pepper shakers and sugar dish

We met our friends The WOOS at the market, and this is what MR WOO got:

Crystar figure!

Executioner Garbage Pail pin

That FF book mentioned above
and Vintage X-Wing Luke figure

Mazinger import from Japan


And the WOOS got me this Thor Pez!


woobot said...

So much goodness, thanks for the fun timez!

IsuzuGeek said...

Yeah, that Death Race poster, fuck yeah! I want that! And Sectaurs! I totally had those!