Saturday, April 04, 2015


Yesterday I came home from work to discover a care package from JimSmash Buddy TIM PROWANT sent me some comics!! He had been to a comic convention the weekend before and was able to pick up some issues I needed, plus a wonderful surprise!
 X-FACTOR #86 (vol 1) 
2 copies, one still polybagged.

So the story behind this is that my original copy had been severely damaged years ago (my god, has it been 15 years?) and never replaced. Then this past Saturday I found a [non-bagged/boarded] copy in a 25-cent bin. Yay! When we got home, Mrs Smash and I were collecting all the things from the car to take inside, and she *sigh* put the comic in her purse, which bent the comic to kingdom come twice over. Ruined. She meant well, but come on - she knows better after being with me for 20 years! Anyway, now I had TWO fucked up copies, and the new one went straight into the trash can. Jimmy Sad. But then 5 days later, Tim to the rescue!

Tim also shares in my love for GIJOE and GIJOE comics. He sent me issue 107, which is one of the dozen or so issues I need to complete my 80s Marvel Collection. Joe issues 100-155 are difficult to find, so this is definitely a score!

And then an added, delicious surprise....

 That's right, a personalized autographed comic by super nice guy GREG LAND!

Hahahahaha, awesome.

Thanks, Tim!!!

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Tim Prowant said...

It's the Director's cut!!! That's super RARE!!!!