Wednesday, February 20, 2013


One more Super Bowl Beyonce 'shop.

Thank you John Tatarelli Jr


MBReally said...

This is odd to see. Just yesterday, for no apparent reason, I was sitting at work and thinking about the Scanners poster and how I have always loved the art, and how it should be my next movie poster acquisition. I am a huge fan of 70s and 80s painted movie posters. Strange this pops up this morning. I guess this definitely means the search is on for a nice original Scanners poster to hang on the wall and drive the Mrs. crazy!

Jim said...

The Universe has spoken!

MBReally said...

Do I splurge? What says the Universe to $125 (plus around $200 for framing?)

WANT. I just finished framing my Mad Max 2 poster I picked up in Japan last November...maybe I should hold off...uggg I want to much!

Jim said...

I feel its my responsibility as JimSmash to support you in your splurging.