Thursday, February 28, 2013


Comic Shop Owner: "I saw you eyeing that Iron Fist 14 in the case - you want it?"

ME: "haha, yes but I can't drop $65 on a book, even that one."

Comic Shop Owner: "How much could you drop on a book?"

ME: "..... $40."
Comic Shop Owner: "Iron Fist is yours. $40. I wanted it to go to a good home."
Other Customers: "What?! Fuuuuuccckkk....."

ME: "Oh man.... sigh - ok, you got yourself a deal.... *hands over debit card* but I'll need to sleep on your couch tonight."

YAY!!! First Appearance of Sabretooth!! SCORE!!!


Christopher22 said...

I remember looking for that book(at a decent price)during the 90's. What a nice feather to put in your hat Jim. Is it in decent shape to?

Jim said...

Its in great shape - not MINT or anything, but looks pretty good!

MOCK! said...

I am suitably jealous! I have very few books in my collection that I paid that much for, but I would've probably done the same thing in your place!


MOCK! said...

Was this at your regular shop?

Jim said...

I rarely (if ever) drop that much cash on a single Comice, but couldn't resist - its been on my all-time wish list for decades!

I don't really have a regular shop these days (boo) and end up frequenting a handful often. This was one of those.