Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Attended a Flea Market on Sunday and picked up some bitchin' shit for CHEAP! Check em out:

Some great old SUPERMAN and FLASH comics!

One of the Flash comic's cover has a nun praying to God to send help - outside the catheral is the Flash arriving at super speed, confused going, "Good God! What am I doing here?!"
Haha, love the Divine Intervention Against Your Will.

Some of the Superman books include Superman becoming King Kong, Eldery Superman in a Superhero Retirement Home, and general "Superman Being A Dick" moments;

Citizens: "Superman! We're all dying of thirst! You must let us drink the water!"
Superman: "Noboday gets a drop"

Plus some other great ones that include Hell & Demons, Various Kryponites and Superman keeping a bearded Superma Imposter captive for a year before [supposedly] killing him!

LOVE THEM! These books were a mere $2.00 each. Score!

Then I found a used, beatup, incomplete MEGO STAR TREK ENETERPRISE for only $20! Here are some pics:

 Opens and folds out to....

 Now I need to pick up some Star Trek Megos!
 (probably the reissues so it doesn't break the bank)
 I'm toying (heh) with the idea of putting MIRROR crew in there.

*Man, if only I had taken better care of my original Mego Kirk & Spock when I was a kid...

And here are some items I saw but did NOT buy:

  "Glave" wall ornament


BRX said...

Dammit Jim, I've been looking for the Maurin poster for years!

Jim said...

BRX. - email me a max price and I'll look for it next time.