Thursday, January 24, 2013


I love that they made an  
AGENT COULSON Avengers poster.
(I kinda want one)

and relating to my earlier "Super Soldier Costume" nerdout,
they've also brought Coulson into the regular Marvel Universe.
He's running around with Nick Fury-sigh-Jr:



Hobgoblin238 said...

How is Nick Fury black in the regular Marvel universe? I thought that was an ultimates thing...

Maker said...

Yea,.. "Jr"????
Is Marvel REALLY making their books MORE like the movies.... Instead of making heir movies MORE like the comic?
Bleeping horse leading the cart now.....

T. said...

Did you know Hot Toys is going to do an Agent Coulson actionfigure?

Phil Freeman said...

I loooved that Phil Coulson has my first name. Cause then I got to hear my favorite heroes say my name. And plus he's a total fanboy. It's kinda like I was in the movie, except he barely looks like me.

Tony Stark: There's one more guy you pissed off... His name's Phil.