Thursday, January 10, 2013


This is pretty sweet except the Nerd Within knows that this would never happen. Jango single-handidly captures a Queen and subdues an Alien into submission? Really??? Now, if the Alien was dead, Jango was injured and there were 6 other Mandalorians in the pic, we'd be cookin' with Crisco. Also, I think the fact that's its JANGO bugs me even more.... although that's Luca's fault, not Jango's.

Anyway, this was done by Robert Shane - nice job!!

*thanks, Rod A!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yeah. I think the aliens should win too.

morbo said...

I commend you, JIMSMASH, for recognizing the duality of your dork nature and being able to separate your nerd self from the conscious self. It is important not to judge yourself, to allow yourself to be true and to despise many a good thing for trivial yet fundamentally constructed and frakkin'obvious truths. Sheesh.
Screw Jango.

Anonymous said...

morbo & Jim, sorry, but you're wrong!

Jango has on beskar, which a lightsaber cannot go through, so he'd be able to ditch that well before acid could get through. Seeing as he is a Mandalorian, and a damn good one at that, he'd have how many plates to replace it?

Not to mention how many weapons, including something he'd already shown the Queen to be extremely explosive? The Queen being smart enough to know what it is & not exactly "as good in the bluffing dept. as a Mando'a".

Perhaps, logistically speaking as much as possible, there are a dozen or so Mando'a strewn about dead w/ about 50 or so dead aliens.

Last I checked, every single Alien movie was about a human from Earth defeating them, not a Mando'a from Mandalore, my friends.

Jim said...

Well you know my preference for the Alien and my disdain for Jango (again, Lucas' fault - on paper he's fine) :)

You're right about the Mando armor and acid blood... I guess... would stopping a lightsaber be the same as stopping molecular acid? Besides, I never said he'd be injured due to acid blood.

Like you said - a dozen or so Mando's (live or dead, I say) and some dead aliens. I have no problem with him coming out on top. I have a problem with him doing it single handidly and that he somehow turned an Alien into a pet.

Perfect image for me would be queen captured. Several Mando's in the background (both live and dead), Jango on top... maybe wish some injury or atleast battle damage/scuffs... no pet alien.

Mandalorians are fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think the acid would get through, it would just take a heck of a lot longer to go through their protection, being what beskar is.

This does leave a lot to the imagination, perhaps "too much" indeed.

Mando'a are awesome, smart warriors in a culture based solely on war, but they're imperfect.

I'd like to think that the Fett line, however, is even more than that. Clever beyond just "warrior clever", smart & tough past the average of that as well.

See, the thing you have to realize is that Jango was the known "last Manalorian" for a reason. It's not so much "just in the prequels", but he had to be a bad, baaaaad man for a long time before that, even in a couple story arcs here & there where he was training Boba at a young age to be better than he was.

...which is saying a lot.

It's not so much that he "was the one picked for the clones in the prequels", but "he was the last known Mando'a for a reason" before that, ya know?

I'd love to see that crossover. An alien clan finding its' way to Mandalore, some Mandos running into them on another world unexpectedly.

That would be sick, especially because there's not many other sci-fi creations that could handle Mando'a. ...perhaps AvPvM? lol

Maybe Disney should buy EVERYTHING and just pit it all against one another. Sure would make a lot cooler stories than a lot of other stuff!

Maker said...


I hear everything your saying, and I get it. But My problem, and I believe JIM'S is, I REJECT, the prequels as the definitive story due to it's absurdness, horrible writing, ridiculous plot points,..( deep breath,...sorry, the much known hatred for those piles got me on a rant..:)
so,..the point being, since I , nor a lot of people do not acknowledge those films as being "the" prequels, merely a version told, then the entire premise and "history" of Jenga Fett is moot. He's not " Boba's dad", nor is Boba Fett a clone of him. No one knows WHO Bobba Fett is, or even if he's a mandalorian, or someone who stole/found the armor... that is what made him appealing and liked in the first place. Jango was not the last Mandalorian, merely 'A' Mandalorian, who along with other Mandalorins gave genetic samples to the cloners to splice together to get a "perfect soldier".

Jango is a nameless. faceless Mandalorian warrior ..which alone makes him a bad ass,..that's all you need to know....

Stewart said...

I'm curious where it was stated Jango was the last Mandalorian? Was it in the expanded stuff?

If so, that contradicts other expanded stuff (which personally I do not accept as official canon) because, according to the Star Wars Wiki:

"Cuy'val Dar was a group of one hundred individuals summoned by Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, to come to the watery world of Kamino to train clone troopers for the Galactic Republic. Of these one hundred males and females, seventy-five were Mandalorians like Fett."


So there were atleast 75 other Mandalorians out there.

I love all this nerd discussion, its great! :)

Unknown said...

what I would have liked to have seen is jango vs predator both hunters