Monday, April 23, 2012


Star Wars hasn't been cool since oh, before you were born... before the Dark Times.


Anonymous said...

Star Wars still rules, even after something like this, which is oddly what most other sci-fi looks like to me. it's really just crappy pop culture permeating the awesome that is Star Wars.

Jim said...

I just remember when Star Wars wasn't whored out as much.

"In MY day...." <--- Grumpy Old Man voice.

I think that's one of the issues I struggle with - I must accept what Star Wars has become in Pop Culture over the past 15 years.

However, I mourn what Star Wars once was.

Christopher22 said...

WHOA WHOA! When was Star Wars not whored out? Have people forgoten about C3P0's(cereal)? Star Wars has ALWAYS been a whore. And this is coming from a HUGE Star Wars fan(me). The game isnt the best product but to declare Star Wars uncool bcz of it...come'on.

Jim said...

I just think SW is far more whored out today than ever before... and done in a way that is lacking self-respect. Just my opinion.

I still love Star Wars, and there are still several new things coming out that are super cool (like the Old Repbulic game stuff & imagery).

But overall, Star Wars in Pop Culture as seen by the General Public is now a big fun joke. It's silly and cute. Whereas I recall when people thought it was cool... it was arguably the ONE cool Sci-Fi franchise... even the Too-Cool-For-School kids would admit they liked it.

That's what I'm saying.

allen etter said...

And I agree, Jim. There is a progression that Star Wars went through.

Over marketing
Over saturation

I could handle the over marketing and even Saturation, but for me when the action figures of the original trilogy were released as muscle bound super heroes and then as rubber gumbie-like figures, I had had enough and tuned out.

Phil Freeman said...

Wow, way to make me feel young. I was born in 1987, 5 years after ROTJ. So you might be right. I still respect the original trilogy over the prequels though (even though i grew up with them). But do you count anything from the 90s as cool? Like Shadows of the Empire?

Phil Freeman said...

Aand about the video, at first I thought it was super creepy to see Vader move like that. And then I saw Palpatine. Gaaah.

Also, why are C3PO and R2 there?! Did the empire just steal them for sweet rave parties? Also I don't remember any technicians operating the round controls, though those things always bothered me, how is one suppose to get in and out?

Jim said...

Well its all relative and personal opinion.... I wasn't into "Shadows of the Empire" myself, but I did love "Dark Empire" (dark horse comics) and 'The Thrawn Trilogy' books by Timothy Zahn.

I also have a friend, who's a few years older than me, who absolutely hates "ROTJ". He was in his early teens with "Empire" was released and made an impression. Then ROTJ came along and the intended audience age group was lowered, so he was greatly disappointed.

It all comes down to personal tastes.