Friday, March 25, 2011


As I was looking for an image for another post, I stumbled upon a webpage spotlighting THE PUNISHERS, the futuristic 'street army' that battled Jim Valentino's Guardians of the Galaxy! Here are my favorites:

The leader of the Punishers, the Punisher General was a sick, sadistic sociopath, who didn't even have a problem working with the Badoon. When he heard that the Commandeers and Guardians had joined forces, he decided to send every Punisher in his ranks to finally end the war with the Commandeers. When he was told by Ned Whitter that he had let the Commandeers and Guardians escape, he snapped Ned's neck.

Later, the General, along with the Badoon and his entire army of Punishers, confronted the Guardians and Commandeers, but when Major Victory returned, he attempted to escape, along with the surviving Badoon. Entering the Ultimate Punisher, the General had a change of heart when the Badoon tried to call for reinforcements from his home world. Shooting the Badoon in the back, the Punisher General attempted to negotiate his way to freedom, but when he left the tank, he was shot in the head by Gabrielle.
A sniper, Ned nearly assassinated Major Victory. He would've easily accomplished the task if it wasn't for a diversion caused by the mutant Talon. Ned was then beaten on by Charlie 27, until the Ultimate Punisher scared the Guardians away. When the Punisher General didn't like Ned's answer to why he let the Guardians get away, he snapped Ned's neck.

Ned was practically fearless, as even while getting his face caved in by Charlie 27, he spat on him in defiance.
A nearly indestructible tank, the Ultimate Punisher was sent in to finish off the Guardians and Commandeers, forcing them to retreat. When things got bad in the final confrontation between the Commandeers and Punishers, the Punisher General and Durge attempted to escape, using the Ultimate Punisher. As they left, Hollywood lifted the Ultimate Punisher over his head and threw it off a building. Luckily, Krugarr was able to catch it, and teleported it, along with the Guardians to a safe location, where Charlie 27 rigged it to explode.

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Mike_D said...

I totally have that comic!!! This is certainly part of the '90s craze for anything Punisher and over-the-top violence!!