Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wow... I actually like it - looks fun!

Evans isn't my preferred choice for Cap... however, I recently watched 'SUNSHINE' for the first time (While flawed, I fell in love with it). Evans was great in it, actually. If the director guides him in a more serious approach (non-goofball, comedic guy), he could work as a fun interpreation of the Sentinel of Liberty. Fingers crossed with geeky, optimistic hope!


Frank Gillespie said...

I'm with you on this one, it looks great. It certainly looks better than DC's big summer offering. I also think a case could also be made that the trailer might also outshine Thor's...

Type12point said...

I'm looking forward to this like mad. As an old school Cap (i.e. Cap can smile and does not call people "meatbag"), I like the tone of things so far.

Still, I'm wary. Nothing to do with the usual fanboy complaints--Evans, Johnston, Hydra instead of Nazis, the skinny CGI (which I think is superlative; don't know what bug's in everybody's butt on that one)--but, judging from the snipets so far, the film feels, I dunno... small. I can almost guess its every scene and they feel lightweight. Not Green Lantern lightweight, but close. I guess I was hoping for more "epic" in my Captain America epic.

Still, mad with drooling.

Anonymous said...

Evans is like Nick Cage. You never know what you'll get.

Tim said...

I loved 'Sunshine'!!!

G said...

yea, i'm with you,..but here's the thing,.i just can't get past Evans as cap...he LOOKS like a kid in a Halloween costume,..just doesn't have any presence about him at all. It's like i said,.if your casting some one as Cap, who I'm just as big, or even in better shape than,..then you got the wrong guy....

-should have been Chris Hemsworth.....

Anonymous said...

yeah... the trailer actually made me feel a little better about him as Cap, despite looking like Human Torch stole his uniform for a trick, because i'm hoping they've been as "serious" about this as they've said.

Evans can't be all "Johnny Storm-ish", has has to be CAP. period.

thought they'd go w/ another, more "fitting" actor, as there are SO MANY OUT THERE, instead of... whatever they decided ultimately to go w/ Evans.

Hemsworth is too tall, not "thick" (like "meathead athlete" thick, square-jawed, bulky, etc) enough. i was thinking of KELLAN LUTZ for the role, as i'm sure in the suit and mask he would look more "intimidating" than Evans, but he may even be "too thin", despite having much more potential for the role than Evans.

don't know "Sunshine", but recently saw "The Losers"... which was literally so terrible that everyone involved, even the catering service, should be slapped at least once.

Hemsworth is looking great for Thor, looking forward to this one (STOKED for Weaving as Skull), Reynolds as GL is just... idk... "can't be as good as Reynolds in a HARDCORE Deadpool flick". we'll see how the whole Green Lantern thing goes down.

all in all, though, it's just pretty cool that these flicks are coming out. ...not in the 1980s or 90s, so we all have that to be happy about. lol

Jim said...

I agree - The Losers was terrible.

Check out 'Sunshine' - Evans does a good job and is not the jokester.

This new crop of Marvel movies are made by Marvel... so are not apart of the previous batch, as far as I'm concerned... so Evans is NOT the Human Torch because those abysmal FF movies do not count (or exist in my eye). Its like Regular Marvel vs Ultimate Marvel. Two different Universes. :)

Current Marvel Movies BY Marvel:
-Iron Man
-Iron Man 2
-Incredible Hulk
-Captain America
-The Avengers

(as far as understand)

Anonymous said...

those listed are definitely better than the Fantastic Four movies, but out of all honesty, we can't truly say we "hated" the 2 FFs. the best? hell no. WORLDS better than the previous "attempt" at FF? absolutely.

despite all the problems, not the crappiest flicks i've ever seen, had entertaining moments, and Doug Jones' Silver Surfer was really quite cool.

still not as good as the IM movies for one example, of course, but definitely not the worst flicks ever.

...which The Losers, The Happening, Drag Me To Hell, Max Payne, and numerous others are up for SINCE those FFs were made. lol