Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"Battle Beasts!
WOOD! FIRE! -Fire burrrrns Wood!
Battle Beasts!
FIRE! WATER! -Water puts out Fire!
Battle Beasts!
WATER! WOOD! -Wood beats Water!

Anyone remember BATTLE BEASTS? They came out in 1986. I was too old to play with them, but when has that ever stopped me? Battle Beasts were little 1" tall figures with very little articulation; their arms moved. They came in two-packs and were humanoid Animals of battle. Each character fought for either FIRE, WOOD or WATER. They had a small heat-sensitive sticker on their chest, which when rubbed, would reveal which side they were on. 99.9% of the characters were pretty lame. But I tend to find that in every toyline there's usually atleast ONE semi-cool looking character. Battle Beasts had ICKY IGUANA! And yes, I had him and still do to this day. I don't remember who he came with in his 2-pack. But I do know whoever he was, he went in the trash immediately. WATER BEATS FIRE!
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and here's the commercial & song!


Bubbashelby said...

Battle Beasts were awesome! I only have the Bulldog left over from my youth, but have since picked up a Seahorse and a Boar at a couple garage sales, many years apart.

The Bulldog no longer has his rub sign, but the Seahorse has a faint Wood sign, and the Boar's Water sign appears nicely! No weapons either. I plan on posting them to my blog soon, so stay tuned!

buckshotfrank said...

holy crap! i totally remember those. RAD.

man.. what happened to toys?

Basic said...

My favorite was the Bat! I still have em all.

Multiple Miggs said...

Made a MINT selling these on Ebay!! Sold the junk for nearly $300.

Huge Fan said...

I don't tell you enough, Jim, but JimSmash! is the absolute best! :)