Monday, November 06, 2006


AICN posted the above pics earlier, which are unconfirmed designs for SPIDERMAN 3 the movie and/or video game. Sandman looks ok (classic simply look), but Venom looks like crap. Its nice to see they went with the shitty version Larson and Bagley created based off of McFarlane's perfect original design. I sure do hope Venom looks cooler in the film.....

And is that supposed to be fucking Hobgoblin? Yes it is, because that's what he looks like in the trailer. I guess Ski Chalet was having a sale near the Spiderman 3 wardrobe department. Remember the Days when people had imaginations? Jesus, its not that hard with this one - the character design was already done in the 80s by Marvel, chodebreaths! If he's on that flying snowboard with a fucking iPod plugged in, I'm rampaging in the theater. JIMSMASH!

Here's how they normally look in the comics:

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Sandman looks cool ! Not to fussed on the Green Goblin tho !!