Monday, November 13, 2006


This is a friendly warning. Tomorrow, THE DAVINCI CODE comes out on dvd. You've probably seen all the advertising for it. Well, don't waste your time (or money) with this movie. Seriously, it was perhaps the worst movie I've seen all year. I would normally be offended by what the filmmakers thought of my intelligence as an audience member, but its so ridiculous and absurd I ended up laughing instead. Do not watch this movie. Read the book if you're that curious.


Anonymous said...

Have not seen it but will have to I am afraid. I have had the fear it would suck all along. The book was good but "Angels and Demons," his work before "Davinci Code," was far better in my opinion. There was much less of a stretch to tie together ridiculous points in history. Oh…"Deception Point" was my second favorite of Dan Browns work.

Did you know "Da Vinci" is really means "of Vinci" Vinci being the city Leonardo was from. It’s not even his name!! Leonardo was the only name he had. Title should have been "Leonardo's Code" But who would read that!!

Jim said...

Actually I DID know that! (AU Art, baby!!) hahaha

Maybe I'll pick up "Angels and Demons"....

Seriously, tho.. the movie is pretty bad. It takes spoon-feeding to a whole new level.