Monday, November 06, 2006


We saw 2 movies this weekend. Here are 2 very quick reviews:

BORAT: Hilarious and I laughed my ass off!!! However, I felt that he relied too much on Shock Humor and downplayed his usual style. I guess he shifted it more towards America's current dumbed-down humor of late. Which is fine, because like I said, I laughed my ass off!! Other 2 complaints were the too-easy jabs at the South (hey, that's fine, but let's see some of the rest of America, too!) and the lame plot element of Pamela Anderson, who I loathe. I kind of wished it was more like his British work, but this film still works and had me in tears. The Hotel Fight was.... you'll just have to see it. But, there's a debate at work over it and how its a terrible movie... by those who haven't seen it. So see at your own risk.

ROYAL AFFAIRS IN VERSAILLES: In Tecnicolor! This 1958 French movie by director Sacha Guitry showcases the history of Versailles through 300 years; Louis XIV-XVI. Funny, whitty and interesting, I was saddened to hear that the film we saw is not available in the U.S.; only on VHS with an hour cut out! But then at the same time stoked that I was able to see the original longer version (2hr 40min). It's broken down into 2 episodes and I personaly enjoyed the first half (Louis XIV) more than the second (Lous XV/XVI)... although TRex enjoyed both halves equally. If you ever have the chance to see it, check it out!

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Borat: I laughed...just not as hard a laugh as you would expect from the hype, but it had it moments. Honestly, I did not find it very original. I have seen people tricked into uncomfortable situations and taken advantage of for humors sake plenty of times. Other than that it was mostly shock. I give it a B-.