Tuesday, May 15, 2018


My friend Allen Etter has unexpectedly passed away. I am in shock and still processing the news. Allen was one of the first regulars to comment on JIMSMASH! over 10 years ago. His enthusiasm and fun interaction helped keep my interest in the site going during those early years, and we quickly became friends.

Allen was an artist through and through. I loved seeing his sketches, paintings (his coffee paintings were a personal favorite!), sidewalk chalk art, sculptures, and original sci-fi movies! His constant creativity was inspiring! A few years ago, I was gifted two sweet Alien paintings by Allen, which I will forever cherish.

I was currently purchasing from Allen this super awesome sketch of Rutger Hauer from 'The Blood of Heroes', but alas...

When I think of Allen, I see a big smile and dirty hands from creating in his studio (Studio 304 Creative Productions!). He was a great guy who inspired everyone around him. My heart goes out to his family.

I can’t believe you’re gone, Allen... 

I will miss you, my friend.


Below are some favorite pics of Allen's work:

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