Monday, April 23, 2018


I got my tickets for May! "Let's Rock!"

Join an elite squad of Colonial Marines sent to investigate a distress signal from a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost. Just before losing contact, the facility reported some sort of infestation. It’s up to you and your squad to contain the threat, quarantine any survivors and get everyone off-world safely.

ALIEN: DESCENT features a first-of-its-kind wireless technology that changes the way users experience virtual reality. Developed by Pure Imagination Studios in partnership with FoxNext Destinations, the technology allows up to four guests to move about freely in VR without the use of PC backpacks or wires.

  • Story-driven VR experience that truly immerses guests in the ALIEN universe as Colonial Marines
  • Cooperative experience designed for up to four guests
  • Innovative technology that allows guests to move about freely in VR without the limitations of PC backpacks or cords
  • Interactive experience enhanced by environmental effects, motion platforms, and other surprises
  • Open now at The Outlets at Orange, located minutes from Disneyland


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Christopher22 said...

I was gonna ask if you might wanna go. I ended up turning down the tickets though bcz it was a middle of the week time.