Thursday, April 26, 2018

4/26 : ALIEN DAY

Mondo print by Pascal Blanche
(I just bought this one, despite the weird eggs)

Mondo print by Pascal Blanche

Mondo T-Shirt by Martin Ansin

Mondo T-Shirt by Martin Ansin

Mondo Alien pins

Super 7's "Space Monkeys" ad
(I didn't see any products....)


Jeyl said...

*apologies for ruining it*

You do realize the eggs featured in that poster are from Alien: Covenant, right?

Jim said...


Mondo is absolutely incapable of producing Alien art that has the correct elements.

jaganar said...

Alien , AlienS , i sat down and watched both of them last night ,

and i came to a realization
AlienS was the last badass film in the franchise . militarily accurate instead of the shit we got forced down our throat ( looking at you AVP , SHITQUIEM and THE REST OF THE ALIEN FRANCHISE )

dude we need a BAD ASS ALIEN FILM based on the marines , something that would be an homage to Starship troopers the book .