Thursday, October 27, 2016


Comic Book Resources recently posted an article entitled "17 Horror Villains Who Were Totally in the Right". Number 6 was "Xenomorphs" (Aliens) from the 'ALIEN' Saga.

This is what they write:
In the first “Alien” film, it’s debatable whether or not the Xenomorph was in the right. On the one hand, it didn’t ask to be born on a mining ship full of people. On the other, the crew of the Nostromo didn’t intend to bring it aboard in the first place. (Whether Weyland-Yutani did is another matter entirely.)
In the sequel, however, the Xenomorphs are the ones being invaded. Weyland-Yutani set up a terraforming colony on their home planet. They did what any sensible species would in this situation: they attacked the alien threat. Yes, they also used the alien threat as egg incubators, but that’s just their biology. Then another group of invaders arrives; this one carrying flame-throwers and machine guns. If the roles were reversed and the movie was about an alien species trying to terra-form earth, humans would certainly be the heroes, no? The Xenomorphs, despite their grotesque appearance and parasitic reproductive cycle, are clearly the victims here.

"On their home planet"??? 

Did CBR even watch the movie? :P

Insurance Man: "Are there any species like this hostile organism on LV-426?"

ECA Rep: "No. It's a rock. No indigenous life."

Ripley: "Did IQ's just drop sharply while I was away? Ma'am, I already said that it was not indigenous. It was a derelict space craft. It was an alien ship. It was NOT from there. Do you get it?"

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Baines said...

With CBR's new ownership and its shift towards list-based "articles," odds are that the writer either never watched the movie or didn't pay attention when they did.