Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I have recently discovered that I am going through something difficult on an emotional and psychological level. I made this realization when I purchased this ridiculous, dumb figure.  It may have saved me before I even knew there was a problem. Thankfully I have a great family and circle of friends who provide the support I need.

Also, the Alien does not give off a Thermal Signature, therefore this is improperly named. "Predator Mask Vision" would have been more accurate and acceptable. 


Marc Cawiezel said...

So you must be super excited about Neca's upcoming Blue ALIEN Kenner homage figure! I on the other hand dig this figure. I've always been a sucker for "Clear" or "Glow in the Dark" figures. The glow in the dark paint on this figure is weak as shit though.

Dr. Theda said...

I think it looks cool as "glow in the dark"