Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I (along with everyone) always said the only man who could play the character in a movie was Ryan Reynolds. Since I first saw him on 'Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place(1998), he was The One (also, perhaps a great Wally West). We kind of got our wish with 'Wolverine Origins', where Reynolds was cast as Wade Wilson... and gave us the best scene of the movie:

However, once he actually became "Deadpool" in 'Wolverine Origins', it was an insult to all. But rejoice, after over 20 years of wanting a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds, we're actually getting it. And they didn't fucking redesign the suit, either! It looks action packed, super violent and full of Deadpool/Reynolds jokes and quips. 

And I'm loving the ad campaign thus far! The first image I recall seeing was this, a delightful homage/parody of Burt Reynolds 

* (for those too young to remember, click here):

Then these....


Ah, of course there would be dick and ass jokes....

These photo shoots:

'Titanic' spoof:

I love they moved the release date to Valentine's Day weekend.

Then they took it up a notch with this billboard, making the movie appear to be another Date Night Romance movie starring Ryan Reynolds.... again, released on Valentine's Day:

But wait, they kept going! With this emoji billboard:
Some people weren't able to crack this complex riddle....

So they quickly released this poster, rolling with the misinterpretation of the emoji billlboard, 

Red Band Trailer #1:

Red Band Trailer #2:

I've never been a HUGE fan of DEADPOOL, although I enjoyed him when he first arrived on the scene in New Mutants #98, Kelly/McGuinness' short 90s run, and within the pages of Uncanny X-Force. He had a sweet costume and a humorous personality (essentially Marvel's Deathstroke with a mix of wise-crackin' Spider-Man tomfoolery) with a splash of Snake Eyes' cool commando ninja appeal. 

Unfortunately over the years, Deadpool devolved and became ever increasingly more absurd, to the point of being an obnoxious, largely unfunny (IMO) cartoon character - essentially Marvel's Woody Woodpecker. However, he has a legion of fans with fat wallets and Marvel carved out a Deadpool corner in the Marvel Universe, publishing numerous books on a monthly basis. This, I'm sure, greatly contributed to this movie actually being made!

With that all said, the ad campaign and trailers have actually excited to see this. Shit, even Mr Smash said it looks like a lot of fun. Valentine's Day set. Well done, Deadpool People.


One more thing....
Colossus looks awesome.

Bonus Pic 2:

Bonus Video:
Australia Day Message from Deadpool:

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Astroluc said...

I have always felt that Ryan Reynolds role of "Hannibal King" in Blade Trinity was his best (unofficial) audition for Deadpool; yeah the movie kinda sucked, but he was hilarious in it.