Tuesday, January 19, 2016


'LOATHE' is an upcoming mini series comic from artist Vince Sunico and writer Nicholas Lukic. It is a really unique look at superheroes, different universes, and the great Shaolin that is Loathe.

The comic follows the Journey of Loathe and his good companion Ares, as they are making their way across North America in the far off future, hunting down the most powerful superhero of this universe. But it's only when Loathe's past starts to come back to haunt him, do things start to get intense.

Vince Sunico is a well known artist and creator residing in Toronto, Canada. He is the creator of the Loathe character, and the artist of the series. Vince is also the co-owner of Guerilla Printing, and he also is part of the Toronto based clothing company Dirt Poor Millionaires.

Nicholas R. Lukic is a Toronto based writer, creator and artist. He is the writer of the Loathe mini series, and he is currently working on the expanded universe of Loathe and other projects. He also is the chief creative officer at One Ronin Studios and editor in chief as well.

Here's some additional art:

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