Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Looks crazy!!!!!


IsuzuGeek said...

Aliens - Ruined by Alien 3 and dead and buried by Prometheus

Terminator - On shaky ground with T3, dead and buried by Terminator: Salvation

Predator - Holding True with Predator 2 - dead and buried by AVP

and now - Mad Max, soon to be dead and buried by Fury Road

and....my favorite movie of all time...wait for it...Blade Runner, most likely to be drawn and quartered by Blade Runner 2.

All of my favorite movies...destroyed. :(

Jim said...

I would argue that Mad Max was killed by Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome

IsuzuGeek said...

While Thunderdome was indeed more Hollywood and produced than the previous two, it was still Mad Max, and still held true to the character and story, at least in my opinion. Personally, I quite like Thunderdome...but MM2 and the original are way better of course.

I always envisioned MM4 should be about a new wasteland warrior (perhaps a grown up Feral Kid) who is searching for the legendary "Mad Max", who would either make a late appearance in the film's climax (and would still be played by an elderly Mel Gibson) or never found at all. Basically, keeping the Mad Max character but not necessarily basing an entire story around him.

The same thing happened with Aliens 3 and 4, there was really no need to fabricate a bad story around Ellen Ripley just to keep her character in the story. The movies should be about Aliens, nothing more. Prometheus could have stood on it's own devoid of any human characters at all. It should have been a mock "nature" documentary about Xenomorphs. But I digress...