Monday, November 03, 2014


This weekend we attended the first annual HELLO KITTY CONVENTION and EXHIBIT (at the Japanese-American Museum) in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA). It was crazy to say the least! Here are some pics:


 10+ feet tall statue of amazing!

 Dude, they make Hello Kitty motor oil!

 My daughter's future wedding dress, apparently.

 The bathrooms had Hello Kitty liquid soap and TOILET PAPER!
They were having a hard time with the TP stock because people were stealing the rolls!

 Lots of Hello Kitty Photo Op places (too many if you ask me)

 Lots of fun costumes by all ages!

 Yay Hello Kitty KISS figurines

 Ha, some kid drew this in the kids' drawing area


Tattoo artists on-site: small Hello Kitty tattoos were FREE!

 Hello Kitty treats!

Stage shows!

and so much more!!!!
(but I'm too lazy to post anymore)

If I see Hello Kitty imagery again, I will no doubt break out in hives. Cute, adorable hives.

If you weren't able to attend due to the con selling out super fast, have no fear! You can still go next door to the Japanese-American Museum where they are having a Hello Kitty Exhibit which honestly was more fun than the con. There's some really nifty history tidbits and tons of fun products on display, spanning Hello Kitty's 40 years (she turned 40 this past Saturday). So definitely head down to Little Tokyo and visit the Japanese-American Museum's 'Hello Kitty' exhibit, which runs to April 26, 2015.

* There's also the nice exhibit on the Japanese Americans' Internment during WWII. 

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