Monday, July 07, 2014


The other night I went over to my buddy WOO's house (which I've dubbed "WOOTOPIA") to deliver his new 24" GODZILLA FIGURE.

Here's a pic of our Godzillas at my place before delivery... notice Boba Fett placement for scale!:

While at Wootopia, I saw some sweet new additions to his geek room so I thought I'd share some pics of his displayed collections. Enjoy!




Hobgoblin238 said...

He has some stuff that is on my bucket list for sure.

Timewaster said...

I like the "prom photo" pose with Godzilla and the Alien

Jim said...

@ Timewaster - exactly!! :)

IsuzuGeek said...

This is awesome. Very similar to my geek display. I have those same four jumbo Machinders and a couple of the glow in the dark Universal Monsters still. Awesome stuff!!

Big Tone said...

Awesome collection! I love the Secret Wars figs!