Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 Giant, insanely overpriced glow-in-the-dark Alien ($500!)

 TZ Shatner figure!

 Carnage Brock Samson figure

 New52 Deathstroke bust
 Wampa ornament
(I *think* this is an exclusive??)

 Black Series Jabba w/hookah and Salacious Crumb

 Wearable Foam Infinity Gauntlet


 Reaction ALIEN figure grab bag (lame)

 Porkins bust!!!!!!!!!

 Doomsday figure
(I *think* this is an exclusive??)

McQuarrie Concept Luke bust

Kotobukiya Hulk - Grey variant

R2-KT Maquette

 Hot Wheels' R2-D2 Roadster

Pre-Order for Walgreens exclusive
Prototype Boba Fett - Black Series figure

 ReAction ALIEN Egg Chamber Playset
Limited to just 250 - madness!!!!!!

 Super7/Funko will now be offering a BLACK BOX variant.

 Its made-to-order and only available for pre-order during SDCC 2014:

Wednesday July 21st at 6pm through Sunday July 27th at 5pm.

You can preorder it at their SDCC booth or store at

$100 each + $15 shipping


Timewaster said...

I like a lot of these too. Unfortunately, that Jabba Black figure is going to be impossible to get. All the stuff from their booth is so hard.

Surprised that the ROM Mighty Mugg didn't make your list.

Jim said...

Well if you find yourself at the booth and they have those jabbas, grab me one!!

Re: ROM....

I don't care for the Mighty Mugg line... nor was a ROM fan (out of lack of exposure to the book)

Timewaster said...

That's the problem with that Hasbro booth - it's such a hassle just to get into that line, and then they place a one item per person limit on things like the Star Wars Black figures.

And I guess I thought you were a ROM fan. Hmmm. Must've been the other, BETTER Jim I know.

Jim said...

That Jim is an asshole.

I have zero opinion of ROM.

Phil Freeman said...

Whaaaat?! I have made myself a ROM fan by collecting old single issues. Dude. How can you not see this awesome cover and not weep?


The dude is a human turned into a robot who fights for space justice. He's somewhere between Robocop and Green Lantern.

IsuzuGeek said...

Man, I so want that glow in the dark Alien. It would look sweet next to my original Kenner Alien...but $500??? Uggg...

IsuzuGeek said...

On another note, ROM was an awesome read. Very mature compared to the rest of the Marvel line of the time. I loved it, and I still want a ROM figure....and I need to buy back all the original books so I can reread them...

Jim said...

I'll dig up some back issues and read.

Anonymous said...

Huge fan of ROM. But lost all of them during the great comic purge of 1985...

said Allen Etter

(google wont let me log in today)

Unknown said...

This is not SDCC related but did you know about the NECA queen alien figure coming out?


Didn't see it anywhere on your blog. It is amazing!

Jim said...

yeah, the queen looks pretty incredible. I haven't had a chance to post about it because its somewhat low priority in my slammed schedule. While it looks great, for me I don't need another Queen on my self... I'll probably just stick with my 90s Kenner deluxe figure that came with the eggsac - that figure still looks great! :)