Sunday, December 02, 2012


Awesome! JimSmash Reader JASON GARRETT sent me a Hardcover copy of the ALIENS NOVELIZATION! I now have atleast 3 hardcover copies, which means its officially a collection. Mrs Smash is thrilled at the thought of additional shelves with HARDCOVER copies.

Thanks again, Jason!!

UPDATE: Oh yeah, here's the sweet note that Jason included with the book:

 It will forever stay inside the book as an additional memento!


Jason Garrett said...

Glad to add to the addiction! Sorry, Mrs. Smash!

Anonymous said...

Cowboys' coach?


Phil Freeman said...

Oooh. So what if we personalize these, then send them to you? Like do art on them?

Jason Garrett said...

If anyone wants to accidentally send me that other Jason Garrett's paycheck, I'm game. ;)