Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey check it out! JimSmash Reader BEN GRANOFF has a new webcomic called "THE PRINCE AND THE POOPER" over at Ben Vs Dov. Ben posts:
Dov is abroad, he’s doing something in Europe. Finding himself. I don’t know. He would sometimes mention wanting to write a novel, “probably about my life”, so we’ll see. In the meanwhile, I’m going to put up pages from the current BenVsDov comic.

The work on this book both follows up and moves beyond our previous collaboration on “Dingleberry Blues” ( We plan on sticking to poop-themed titles until the ideas stop coming.

We’re going with a Cerebus-style production assembly on this one; that’s to say that Dov draws the figures and I handle the backgrounds. We’ve been drawing and writing together since elementary school and ‘TP&TP” is our most elaborate scheme to date.

A page a week!

–but I’ll give you three to start things off…


Here are the first 5 pages:


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Ben Granoff said...

Thanks, Jim!

Keep up the excellent coverage of the Nerdiverse.

Adam L. Garcia said...

Having worked with Ben frequently, (and he's a dear friend) and a fan of this blog, this is mindbogglingly amazing for me.