Monday, August 30, 2010


JimSmash Reader RYAN sent this pic to me - its apparently an unused design for the upcoming ALIEN PREQUEL(s) by Adonihs who says:
So I was given an opportunity to do a pitch piece for the new Alien prequel based off of a design H.R. Giger did for one of the previous Alien movies (which was not used).

This was not intended to be the actual design, nor was it used for the new Alien film. As for where we are with the whole process, who knows. But thought you guys would like to see.

Enjoy guys!

I like the SLEEK BLACK look and semi-biomechanical feel (ie not Pumpkinhead). But there's still something about it that I don't love (remember, I'm quite picky). I think the overall design & shape reminds me too much of the creature design from ALIEN3, which I'm not a fan of. Maybe its the mouth/lips....

[Alien 3]

But I do dig Adonihs' markings on the shoulders and beneath the head dome. And the beforementioned sleekness adds a really nice feel to the Alien. It would look awesome in the darkness of space aboard a space vessel... or inside a Giger Hive. Anyway, its a huge improvement from the Resurrection and AVP versions.

I'm posting Ryan's email as well (hope you don't mind, Ryan) cause I like what he says:
Hi Jim,

I'm a long time reader. I too share your love (and hates) of the alien franchises. I fell in love with the first two movies and ever since then it has been a slippery slope downward into the abyss of AVPR. I've sent your "hating the predalien" post to a number of friends who thought he was "cool". I hate the Pumpkinhead aliens with extra articulated legs. I hope we get back to the sleek, sexy aliens but I just don't know anymore. Fool me once, shame on you Fox. Fool me 5 or more times... and I'm a fool for spending money on your crappy movies.

I just ran across this concept art piece on DeviantArt that the artist said was a pitch for the upcoming prequals. I am not excited about them in the least but it looks to be a return to the earlier alien design. Also it says it was rejected which means they are probably stocked up on Pumpkinheads at the moment. At any rate, I thought you may dig this.
Keep up the alien posts!


Thanks, Ryan!
And hanks to Adonhis for sharing his design online!


Ryan said...

Thanks for posting this! I don't mind at all. I agree it looks a little too similar to the failed "dog alien" but at least it is a step in the right direction.
Why must every director that gets his grubby little hands on the franchise have to "re-interpret" the character? The classic alien is "a perfect organism" to quote Ash, and its pretty obvious since it has been ripped off in hundreds of sci fi/horror flicks since. Cameron did a great job expanding upon it by adding the queen and not ruining the alien design too much. But why can't we leave well enough alone?

Homie Bear said...

Adonihs posted s journal that clarified what he was doing- it was a piece on spec, with the hopes of getting hired in some way for the film. It was never comissioned or paid for by Fox. So he took it down. He mentioned that several blogs had picked it up and I immediately wondered- nay, knew- that you had!

Brownbear said...

looks like a cyborg or somewhat

Jim said...

Very cool, I do like this design of the Alien. I'm for going back to the sleek head look.