Thursday, May 27, 2010


Above is another "Vintage Style" Star Wars figures that emulate the old school vintage packaging with new sculpt & paint figue. They've been putting these out to celebrate SW's anniversaries.... this year being EMPIRE's 30th (I feel old!).

For years I've wanted a vintage BOBA FETT on card but they go for thousands of dollars. So this looks to be a very nice -cheap- alternative. OR, some people make custom ones with the actual vintage figure inside. Hmmm, decisions decisions...

Here are 2 pics of the ORIGINAL Boba Fett figure, with working missle!
(*pics via rebelscum)


Timewaster said...

They actually released one just like this a few years ago. But the rocket firing one - you have to buy all the others, cut out the proof of purchase, and send it in to get it. Or wait for someone to put it on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

Jim said...

Yeah, but the previous released "anniversay" figure was Boba on the "Return of the Jedi" card. This one is on an "Empire Strikes Back" card.

Seeing as Fett was turnd into a useless chump in Jedi (I say it was an imposter!), I'm going with this Empire version! :)

Solo said...

I lost the middle the first day I had it.
In my defense, I was only 6

Solo said...

Missile...Missile,.. F'n auto fill