Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The SyFy Channel is about to make a lovely film called "SHARKTOPUS" by the legendary Roger Corman. Check out some conceptual artwork... M aaaan that fucker better also be able to fly! (source)

Can't wait for this? Well March 13th SyFy will debut Corman's "DINOSHARK!",
the semi-follow-up to his "DINOCROC":


nfpgasmask said...

Have you ever seen Frankenfish?

Jim said...

Why yes. Yes I have :)

Valkaad said...

Love the artwork at the top! I just don't think it works as well if the sharktopus is as small as he/it appears to be in the model below. I see this thing being like a force of nature it needs to be holding/attacking entire ships not individuals!

Jim said...

I agree... maybe that bottom one is a baby ;)

But yeah, he should be HUGE!!!

Godzilla vs Sharktopus at the very least, sizewise.

oooh, somebody draw that up for me!

Valkaad said...

Sharktopus vs Godzilla...that is a perfect job for Maker.