Friday, February 19, 2010


*BLACKEST NIGHT (Green Lantern #50, GL Corps #44 & Blackest Night #6)
All three titles are kicking ass! This month, each issue was chock full of pure awesome. My only complaint is with Green Lantern #50 - God I wish SINESTRO had merged with Parallax... we've seen Hal, and recently Kyle, deal with being possessed by the Fear Villain. I would have LOVED to see Sinestro as Parallax... a God of Fear unleashed to defeat the Black Lantern Spectre... then the Ring Corps dealing with him afterwards. Missed opportunity, I feel. But nonetheless, the Green Lantern books (and Blackest Night mini-series) is my favorite book month-in/month-out.
*Update: GL #51 and GLCorps #45 came out this week - both great reads!

This book has been fantastic since its Marvel Knights relaunch back in 1998. New writer Andy Diggle is doing a great job so far, a few issues into his run (#501-504). This current issue was awesome with Matt Murdock ruling The Hand and using it in full force against the corrupt police force in Hell's Kitchen and Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R. troops. Murdock maneuvers right on the razor's edge of going dark and I'm loving not knowing if he has in fact crossed it.

I've really been digging Hickman's current run of FF (#570-575). It's like Alan Moore-light with some Kirby legacy visuals. There's been a few bumps here and there (2 non-Eaglesham art issues), and Hickman comes across as an unapologetic ignorant dick in the letter pages... but overall, I like this book. Pick up the issues with the Eaglesham art, skip the others.

*X-MEN: LEGACY #231-232
I dropped this title several months back after despising the title to my core (Daken... Ms. Sinister...). But I saw a preview of this issue and it looked cool so I picked it up. Its the return of Proteus (what the fuck??!!!). But they've made it "work" to a degree as its part of the "Necrosha" crossover (rise of the dead). Hopefully by the end of the story, Proteus will be dead again. The art is cool and its filled with several "neat-o moments". I guess I just don't really care, so its all good... next issue is the 3rd and final part of this storyline... if a new artist comes onboard, I'll drop the title again.

*BATMAN #692-696
I dropped Batman awhile back during Grant Morrisson's run, specifically the "Batman R.I.P." part. Its funny, Grant Morrisson wrote a fantastic Batman during his 90s JLA runt, but so far I hate his 2000s Bats. It always reads like he doesn't get nor likes the character. The new "Batman and Robin" started off interestingly enough, but I dropped it because I hated seeing Dick Grayson be a ball-less character dealing with an ill-conceived Robin character. Anyway, I picked up TONY DANIELS's current run of "BATMAN" and found myself digging the book again. Its fun, entertaining and each issue is packed with stuff (ie you won't read it in just 2 minutes). Daniel has me picking up the title once more each month. Honestly I haven't enjoyed this title since "Hush" (which was meh) and the Kelley Jones run in the 90s.

I always pick up Moon Knight when he tries for a new series (which always gets cancelled). The last one had promise but bored me to tears. This new one returns Moon Knight to the role of HERO. His newly tweaked costume is full-on "Bale's Dark Knight" but that's ok - he's a Batman "ripoff" anyway, and the new "urban commando armor" looks sweet (like Bales, but white!). So far I'm really enjoying this book.

*SIEGE #1 & 2
The supposed end of the "7 Year Bendis Era" (before the next Bendis Era begins). While I'm not expecting anything except high action with bland climax, I am enjoying this 4-issue series so far. Its fun, exciting, action-packed and issue 2 gave me a pleasant surprise moment. I'm bummed its only 4 issues long since I would prefer the end of a 7 year "epic" story to conclude in an epic manner. But alas... anyway, so far I'm having fun reading this mini-series.

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Frank Gillespie said...

I really wish certain events in Siege 2 would have played out longer but it's clear that one side has an advantage in power department. It'll be very interesting to see how that secret weapon issue is dealt with in the future.