Thursday, October 29, 2009


Back in 1989 SCREAMIN' made some kickass 18" model kits of the HELLRAISER CENOBITES (and 1:1 scale puzzle box - got it!). I always wanted them but they were too pricey for me at the time (@$100 each... in 1989 dollars mind you)... plus I sucked at model building/painting. So I move forward through life tormented and sad.

But then in 2003, NECA unveiled their HELLRAISER line of figures. I picked up the original 4 Cenobites (Pinhead, Female, Chatterer & Butterball, and Dr. Channard), and the Angelique cenobite from Hellraiser IV.

Anyway, Neca also began putting out 18" versions which were pre-assembled and pre-painted (and with sound chips!). The first two were PINHEAD & CHATTERER. Suddenly, my boyhood dream of having 18" Cenobites residing on my shelves was becoming a reality! Unfortunately, they stopped with those two. WTF?!

Oh Great Lord Leviathan of the Labyrinth, hear my desire! Please have NECA produce the remaining main Cenobites in 18" glorious form; FEMALE CENOBITE and BUTTERBALL!
Here's an added bonus for putting up with my rant:


Sweet Monkey Fritters said...

IMHO... Doctor Channard was the worst Cenobite of them all.

Word verification today: heall.

HELL!?!?! Cenobites!?! HELL?!?!? Yaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!

Jim said...

Worse the Camera Head, Barbie and other cenobites from the other sequels?!

Or just within those first 2 Hellraisers?

Of the first 5 cenobites, I agree. But the cenobites from Part III and on are horrible (with the exception of Angelique).

My favs in order:
1) Pinhead
2) Chatterer
3) Female
4) Butterball
5) Angelique
6) Channard


jaganar said...

ok you may want to add this to the list =]

>>> <<

id bring up the pinface from the billy and mandy episode ...
but i think the first one will get your attention ..

jaganar said...

hey :) just thought i might toss this to you .