Monday, July 14, 2008


I love WARREN ELLIS' work!!

His first issue of "ASTONISHING X-MEN" is an exception, though. I understand this is NOT a continuation of Whedon/Cassaday's run. I'm ok with that fact and looked forward to Ellis new take upon picking up this issue.

Unfortunately it doesn't feel like Ellis knows the X-Men as characters outside of names, costumes and powers. This book felt like Ellis dusted off a previous old script for some other unused comic and adapted it to the X-Men. Perhaps it was an unused script for X-Factor because apparenlty the X-Men now work with the San Francisco Police Department as Mutant Detectives. "C.S.I. Mutant Town."

Every character is disgustingly smug, pompous, pretentious and oozing with self-satisfaction. I walked away from the issue hating every single one of them.

Overall, I found this comic to be sloppy, smug and a huge disappointment. Man, I really hated this book. JIMSMASH!!

Warren Ellis interview:


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

ditto,.....i just dropped the title.

Anonymous said...

We've had several customers bring their issue back requesting an exchange, as well as a significant amount of regulars dropping the title.

Anonymous said...

oh and cool blog!

Anonymous said...

I hated and dropped it. SUCKED!

Anonymous said...

"Oh, the cleverness of ME!"

LOL, good one!

I agree, Ellis' take on the Astonishing X-Men is off base and unlikeable.

I think you have mentioned before, but check out the current X-Force series. It is surprisingly good and probably the best x-book being published right now.