Monday, May 08, 2017


Did you participate in Free Comic Book Day this weekend? How was your experience?! Here's mine...

First I went to my local shop that I like. Great shop, great guys. I truly enjoy supporting their business. Well they intentionally only had 6 titles available on Saturday, with more titles available Sunday. And on Saturday, you could only have 2 books with Sunday allowing 4. WTF? Oh and some titles would only be available at their other store, over an hour's drive away. And all copies had a big "courtesy of store-name" sticker slapped on the cover, which does not come off without tearing the book. I saw a few parents having to explain to their your kids either why the title they came to the store wasn't available yet, and/or why the had to choose only 2. What the fuck, guys?!

Frustrated, I went to competitor's store. Well, with them it was a ticket system - 1 ticket gets you 1 FCBD comic. Each customer gets 1 free ticket, then it's $1 each additional ticket - that's right, you had to buy the "free" comics. So it wasn't a "Free Comic Book Day" there, it was "One Dollar Comic Book Day". Plus you had to buy the tickets in advance in the back  of the store, then stand in line for 30 min. Should you get to the front and realize there was 1 more FCBD comic you or your kid wanted, sorry Charlie you gotta go back and buy another ticket then stand in the back of the 30-min line once more.

Later in the day, I ran into another dad I know who said they had to go to 4 different stores, and still didn't find all the titles he and his son were wanting, so they finally gave up. 

I think this might be my last FCBD I attend. Yes, I say this every goddamn year.

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