Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Neca has announced some new ALIEN figures, which includes their versions of Kenner's super lame 1990s series. We have Gorilla Alien, Mantis Alien and the Queen Facehugger.

I'd rather have more figures of the cast from 'Alien', 'Aliens' and 'Alien3'.

Neca, don't waste time with this horseshit.


Some of Kenner's silly Alien figures from the 1990s:


Jeyl said...

Having more of the cast from the ALIEN movies would require "use of likeness' agreements, sculpting, and an overbearing notion that human characters don't sell nearly as well as the Aliens themselves. There are exceptions of course and we are getting more human characters down the line, but really. I'm totally A-OK with this movie. I loved the designs from Kenner's 90's lineup and I hope to see more of it. Who knows? They may just throw away the likeness rights out the window and just re-create the marine line without using the actors' likeness.

Marc Cawiezel said...

I personally love the goofy Kenner ALIENS & Predator lines from the 1990's. It's what really pushed me into collecting action figures. I'm all for these crazy homages and more power to NECA for doing them and for loving the goofy lines too. I think these ALIENS look kick ass and the Queen Facehugger looks like it leaped off the movie screen from the ALIEN 3 work print cut!

Jim said...

Ugh, your positive outlook makes me look bad! Stop it!!!

I have almost all the 90s Aliens figures. I painted mine black, and in some instances, x-acto knifed off some stuff.

I didn't like the figures back then, but it was the only thing Aliens available...

You're right about the new Queen Facehugger looking like the Alien3 work print!

Anonymous said...

Opinions like yours baffle me. I never understand why anyone wants figures of human characters more than creatures. These designs look great! I'll take kenner revamps over a bunch of lame ass men and women characters any day.

Jim said...

I am equally baffled by your opinions. Personally I think the designs look ridiculous. What's next? Elephant Alien? Platypus Alien? Rabbit Alien? No thanks.

I own dozens of alien drone and alien warriors - I don't need anymore. What I do need are figures of the human characters, which have never been made before.

Opinions are like assholes - we all have them.