Wednesday, April 27, 2016


ALIENS: DEFIANCE #1 came out today and it's pretty sweet. 

The art is killer and there's a fun blend of 'ALIEN' and 'ALIENS' visuals in terms of interior environments, weapons and gear. For instance, they board a "Sulaco-like" ship which has Nostromo-like doorways and a MU/TH/ER room. The main character is wearing a Nostromo "astro-suit" alongside dudes in Colonial Marine gear w/Pulse Rifles. 

The aliens themselves are the Warriors from 'Aliens' (my personal favorite) and the artist draws them wonderfully. 

While the book isn't groundbreaking in story, and is far from perfect, it put a  smile on my face. I can't remember the last time an Aliens comic did that (maybe 1997's 'Aliens: Labyrinth'?).

I'm looking forward to issue 2. Fingers crossed Amanda Ripley doesn't show up past her cameo (see below) or anything from 'Promefeces' enters the picture (if so, I will instantly bail).

Here's a taste of the art:

I could have done without the lame Amanda Ripley cameo 
(God I hope she doesn't show up again later). 

And was it necessary to spotlight the name tag? 
Yes, we know her last name's "Ripley" - she just said so in the panel before.

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