Monday, March 21, 2016


Yesterday we went to a Flea Market...

and here is what I bought:

by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
For only $5!!!!! Score!!!

SANDMAN #4 and 6
Only $5 each!

2 HULKS I needed
$8, $2 and $2 each

WARLOCK 5 issues
$1 each

Some random comics
$1 each

For my 90s "TIME CAPSULE/TRIBUTE" short box
$1 each

Mrs Smash bought these 50s/60s temporary tattoos

She also bought 6 vintage whiskey glasses
(I forgot to take pics)

And we got this book for my daughter, who shares my love of this movie:

Here are some items I saw but did NOT buy:

Make it so.

Spider-Man records (45s)

Instruments of Destruction on VHS

Celtic Predator

G1 Soundwave

Frame printout of Amazing Fantasy #15
(image was like 3 inches tall)

These were about 2 inches tall

Welcome to my t-shirt

Brom print

Super Powers

I know you are but what am I?

Indy looking up Dorothy's dress. Perv.

Spock has seen better days


UPDATE 1: Balls! Somehow these pics didn't get posted earlier:

 Little Boy Snake Charmer

 Klingon Battle Cruiser

Pizza Bathing Suit

Iron Maiden 'Piece of Mind' shoes

Apocalypse figure

Malebolgia vs Medieval Spawn

Flash Gordon comic strips in novel size format

These other comics in novel size format

< end update >


My buddy, WOO, was with me and gave this Alien Queen to me. 
He even fixed the weird paint job! Woo Custom!

Here are Woo's Flea Market Scores: 

This bitchin' 1976 King Kong

Rad-Dudes trading cards pack

These pins

and this awesome 12" posable figure from Star Teams:

^ I must have one.

UPDATE 2Somehow these pics didn't get posted earlier....
Woo also bought this funky medical display head:


Timewaster said...

That Mr. Monster "Origins" is awesome. If you can get the trade, you should read that. It's the first time I can recall someone doing the George Lucas "special edition" type treatment to a story. Michael T. Gilbert published the whole story for Dark Horse, then got the rights back to republish it. When he did, he changed some of the pages and story material. Such a great book.

Hobgoblin238 said...

That 1973 king Kong is not a king kong. It is a simple ape from Mattel´s tarzan line.

Jim said...

Oh shit... are you sure??

also, I was wrong on the date. Its 1976 (that is, the King Kong film from 1976).

Jim said...

Damn... you're right.
Thanks, Hobby!