Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Sweet, Neca is making a figure based on Giger's initial, Translucent Alien design!

Here are some more pics...

 ...without the backlighting, it appears more "bone like". Which is kind of how I thought the fucking Newborn was going to look, more or less. Instead we got the water-logged bathtub lady from 'The Shining'.

Giger's original Translucent Alien:

[The Alien design] was originally decided that the creature would have translucent rather than dark skin. “One should be able to see the skeleton, the blood circulatory system, the organs etc,” Giger wrote in his diary. “Scott would actually like the whole Alien transparent, in the way I’ve made my biomechanoids.”
Read more about the original Translucent Alien Design over at the always amazing STRANGE SHAPES!

A couple years back I bought the Revoltech Alien CLEAR VARIANT just to have the Translucent Alien "represented" on my shelf. 

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