Monday, August 17, 2015


Over the course of 'Clone Wars' I really became fond of Clonetrooper CAPTAIN REX and wondered what his fate was during-and-after Order 66. Did he obey orders and slaughter the Jedi? Did he fight the order and/or fight his brothers? Did he save any Jedi and go into hiding?

I was excited to see that old Rex will be on 'Star Wars: Rebels' Season 2, fighting alongside the Rebellion! And as I was looking up "Rex Stuff", I stumbled upon one fan's idea of making Rex the same character as NIK SANT from 'Return of the Jedi'. Perfect! Now give me a Rex spinoff movie, which begins right before Order 66!

The best part of this: Just I was about to post the fan-made pic, which charts out the Rex-to-Nik idea, upon taking a quick second view I realized it was made by JimSmash Buddy Dino Ignacio! Hahahaha! AWESOME! 


Timewaster said...

I like it, but judging by the second and third pics, wouldn't Rex be too old to be in Return of the Jedi?

Jim said...

Hmmm, well 2nd pic (Rebels) is set 5 years before 'A New Hope'. 'Return of the Jedi' takes place 5 years after ANH. So by ROTJ, Rex would be 9-10 years older than seen in 'Rebels'.

* dates according to the SW Wiki

Timewaster said...

Oh really? I thought Rebels was much earlier. You learn something new every day on Jimsmash!